Hi! My name is Vanlalchhanhima Ralte. I am from Aizawl, Mizoram, India. Born in 20th August 1981.

On my educational line, I had completed Doctor of Business Administration from Pebble Hills University (PHU), United States of America, the most highest degree on earth that a person could accomplished.

An Executive Master of Business Administration from National Institute of Business Management (NIBM), Chennai, India.

Since 2011, as a family business, I took responsibility as CEO/Owner/Partner of our family businesses.

As born and brought up from a Christian family, I am a believer of Jesus Christ, the Son of the most Highest God Thy Heavenly Father. And I've been going through various mission and I love praising our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, much as I am and as I do and just the way I am.

I am

I am a Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, a CEO/Owner/Partner, an Entrepreneur of Koinonia Juice Plant & Koinonia Water Plant, Mizoram. In which Koinonia Juice Plant is the manufacturer of Koinonia Lemon Juice (Ready-To-Drink) and a winner of Best Horticulture Entrepreneur Award 2016, and Koinonia Water Plant is the manufacturer of Koinonia Tui (Packaged Drinking Water), winner of an International Quality Crown (IQC) Award, London 2017.

Into the world of an entertainment, I am an Artist (Singer/Songwriter), released one single digital album "KOINONIA" on December 25th, 2017. For more information about my music album "KOINONIA", it is available in the Music category.

Young Business Leader of the Year, an owner and partner of Koinonia Juice Plant & Koinonia Water Plant, who as well having a very great influence in music industry, making his entry and successfully released his music album title "KOINONIA", a christian new music album released on 25th December 2017, and also released his single pop music, the music are an easy listening mainly base on the love. A song composer and singer of all the songs that has been implemented and successfully released.